Lindt was founded in 1845 in Zürich and the construction of its factory in Kilchberg began in 1898. These days, Kilchberg is still the Lindt & Sprüngli headquarter and one of 12 worldwide factories that deliver the chocolates to over 120 countries. Lindt Home of Chocolate was designed by Christ & Gantenbein and completed in 2020. Its industrial facade references its neighbours on Lindt & Sprüngli‘s factory site. It features an immersive exhibition about chocolate, a R&D facility for future chocolate recipes, a chocolate shop, cafe and offices. The huge atrium is 64 meters long, 15 meters high and 13m wide. It features the world’s largest chocolate fountain measuring over nine metres tall: from a stirring spoon towering above the atrium, 1500 litres of real chocolate pour down.
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