Tour de l’Europe
François Spoerry, 1973
Three similar facades to the one shown here create its distinctive triangular shape, symbolizing the region of Mulhouse with the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland.
Cité de l’automobile - Collection Schlumpf
Former Heilman, Koechlin and Kuynel wool mill, built in 1880
Studio Milou, 2006
Over 400 cars are on display in this museum, illuminated by 800 lamp posts identical to those on the Alexander III bridge in Paris !
Bâtiment annulaire
The circular building complex was designed by Pierre Jean Guth around a pre-existing garden. The construction of the 96 flats and 19 businesses lasted from 1950 to 1963.
Mulhouse train station
Designed by the architects Charles Schulé, Albert Doll and Gélis, the train station was built between 1928 and 1932; the most recent renovations took place in 2006.
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