Carnal Hall, a concert hall with 900 seats on the Institut Le Rosey campus, was designed by Bernard Tschumi architects and realised in collaboration with Fehlmann Architectes. It was completed in 2014.
Its arching dome with a diameter of 80 meters is covered by approximately 5,000 stainless steel panels. The concert hall is located in the center of the building, while offices, art ateliers, a library and a learning centre are located on the periphery of the building to allow for daylight and natural ventilation. Even the concert hall has a natural ventilation system using a technical void at the bottom for air intake and air extraction near the top of the concert hall, thus creating one of only a few naturally ventilated concert halls in the world. The four main materials used in the building are stainless steel, wood, concrete and glass, with most of the interior walls using Oriented strand board (OSB) wood.
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