The Eisstadion Davos was designed in its current, covered, shape by Krähenbühl Architekten and completed in 1979. Home to the HC Davos, the arena is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The first attempt to cover the Davos Eisstadion was made in 1970 and four supporting pillars were built around the playing field. The project stopped there though. But when the HC Davos moved up to National League A in 1979, adding a roof to the stadium became a requirement and had to be completed before the end of the year. So the four previous pillars finally got used and on June 20 1979, the Rhaetian Railway started with nightly transport trips of the timber trusses. Even though there was a temporary construction stop due to an appeal on the construction permit, the stadium reopened on October 1st ! It was recently transformed and developed by Marques Architekten.
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